Patient Care Gifts

  • Give the gift of touch for fragile newborns by supporting training for volunteer cuddlers, who give babies the physical contact they need when their own families can't be there.

    2x Match
  • A loved one’s need for emergency palliative care is often sudden and unexpected. You can help provide a comforting touch of home with this palliative care bundle.

  • Give a hygiene kit for patients experiencing homelessness that includes a toothbrush and paste, hand sanitizer, and more. 

  • Our most vulnerable patients can’t always afford to get to their medical appointments. Your gift provides a prepaid PRESTO Pass that offers them round trips on the TTC.

  • Your gift helps patients experiencing homelessness recover safely after they leave the hospital. The backpack you provide is stuffed with essentials like a blanket, socks, gloves, a warm toque and more.

  • Provide a selection of vital winter clothing to patients in greatest need.

  • Give a compassionate gift of a meal at the transition centre to help meet the basic needs of a vulnerable patient.

  • You can provide a blanket to keep a patient warm and more comfortable during long treatments — which often take place three times each week.